Medical Transcription Platform

Complete, end-to-end medical transcription services that improve accuracy, ensure timely reports and save your organization money.



ezVoiceCapture allows providers to use their preferred device to record dictations. The Cloud-based product fully integrates with

  • Phones,
  • Third-party dictation sources,
  • DVR and
  • Dictation microphones like Speech Mike.

ezVoiceCap ture is HIPAA compliant and can be customized with dictation prompts to suit individual provider preferences.


Create dictation prompts specific to your organization.

Fully Compatible

Works with a variety of devices to create high-quality recordings.

Safe and Secure

ezVoiceCapture is HIPAA compliant.


Managing dictations is easier than ever with ezController. Our Cloud-based app allows you to:

  • Allocate dictated files,
  • Manage work-lists, and
  • Monitor turnaround times for files

Maintain productivity by auto-allocating files based on transcriptionists’ availability and preferences.

Using ezController application you can:

  • Listen to audio files,
  • Track user workload and
  • Easily search for files

Since ezController is web-based, it doesn’t need to integrate with your computer operating system which makes integration simple.

Manage Workflow

Allocate files based on user preferences and monitor TATs from the application.

Work Remotely

Log in from anywhere to monitor workload and assign files to your team.

Web-Based & Secure

Doesn’t require access to your organization’s operating system, so it’s easy to install and use.


With ezMTScribes, transcriptionists have the tools they need to create accurate, timely reports.

  • Easy keyboard navigation helps transcriptionists work efficiently, and the auto-save feature means no loss of data.
  • Comprehensive formatting features allow transcriptionists to generate reports correctly, and macros make the text editor user friendly.
  • The Cloud-based Medical Transcription platform is HIPAA compliant and secure and can be scaled to meet your organization’s needs.

Work From Anywhere

The Cloud-based application can be accessed from the web so transcriptionists can work remotely.

No Hassle Workflow

With built-in audio, listen to dictated files from any location. The automatic ADT insertion and integrated ADT search makes it user friendly.

Personalize Your Work

Add blanks in the report to address doubts & bookmark audio time. Auto-save feature removes fear of losing your work. You can also add macros in text editor.


Organize, review and track patients’ transcribed data with ezDocPortal.

  • The web-based application allows you to customize your workflow to your preferences.
  • A built-in audio player lets you listen to files.
  • Print or fax a report directly from the app, and request a STAT report with a simple click.
  • Comments allow docs to resolve doubts, and the app allows docs to e-sign or co-sign records.


Ease of Access

Access ezDocPortal from anywhere, at any time. A comprehensive search feature saves your search history for future use.

Listen and Review

Listen to audio files while reviewing a report, and rest assured the data is safe and secure thanks to our security features.

Easy to Use

Sort and arrange data, add comments to a report, comment on doubts and rest assure data won’t be lost thanks to the auto-save feature.

Ready to discover how our medical transcriptions services can improve your workflow while saving your organization money?