Medical Transcription Services

Seamless integration to your EMR and printing and faxing capabilities make transcription with Mediscribes simple and cost effective.



Mediscribes is a leading medical transcription services provider in the US. With state-of-the art, Cloud-based technology and unmatched customer service, our transcription solutions are used in healthcare organizations of every size and shape.

Experienced domestic and offshore transcriptionists provide accurate reports within turnaround times developed using AHDI guidelines. Customer service is available 24/7/365, and our web-based technology allows remote MTs to access the platform easily. Best of all, our clients see cost savings of up to 50%.

Work Remotely

Web-based applications allows MTs to access the platform from anywhere.

Cost Effective

Clients see savings of up to 50%.

Consistent Quality and Service

If you find a mistake, we’ll credit your account.


  • Mediscribes allows MTs to get reports to physicians easily.
  • The medical transcription platform allows you to set criteria-based faxing so reports are distributed to specific hospital locations, physicians, service lines or dedicated fax numbers.
  • Physicians will know a report has been faxed thanks to an alert on the ezDocPortal application.

Automate Report Faxing

Mediscribes allows you to easily manage automatic and manual faxing.

Easily Notify Physicians

Physicians will be alerted when a report has been faxed.

Fax to Specific Locations

Send reports automatically to preset fax numbers.



  • Printing is just as simple as faxing.
  • Customize which printer(s) you want to print to, and distribute reports based on hospital location, work type or physician.
  • Automatically alert physicians to which reports have been printed using the display legend on ezDocPortal.

Automate Report Printing

Print using Mediscribes easy-to-use automatic and manual print functions.

Alert Physicians

Physicians are automatically alerted when reports have been printed.

Print to Multiple Locations

Send reports to printers based on location or use.

EMR Insertion

  • When a report is dictated and transcribed, upload it seamlessly to the patient’s EMR.
  • You can edit the transcribed report before uploading so only accurate reports are entered into the EMR.
EMR Insertion

Upload to EMR

Mediscribes works with all EMRs, so you can insert reports into patient charts.

Edit Before Upload

Make final edits to reports before inserting into EMR.

Get Timely, Accurate Reports

Reports are 99.5%+ accurate and delivered quickly.



  • Mediscribes can integrate with your existing dictation system and/or EMR to provide customized solutions that meet your needs.
  • Our subject matter experts will collaborate with your information systems department to create a platform that meets your EMR needs.

Seamless Integration

Mediscribes Integrates with your EMR using HL7 interface.

Customized Solutions

We’ll work with your technology team to craft the right transcription platform.

Cost Savings

Clients see significant cost savings using our fixed-price model.

Ready to discover how our medical transcriptions services can improve your workflow while saving your organization money?