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Complete Transcription Services

End-to-end solutions that improve efficiency and reduce cost

Mediscribes is the leading provider of end-to-end medical transcription services in the United States. We’ve been creating customized solutions for clients for 15 years and have helped healthcare organizations of all sizes generate accurate, timely reports in a cost-efficient manner.

Mediscribes seamlessly interfaces with your existing EMR, and since it’s cloud-based, you’ll experience no downtime or data loss during implementation.

Our cloud-based transcription solutions are secure and HIPAA-compliant. We offer:

  • Dictation capture,
  • Workflow management,
  • Transcription and auditing processes,
  • Report delivery options that interface to your existing EMR with printing, faxing, or the use of a document management portal.

Complete Service Delivery

From dictation capture to report delivery, ezMediscribes can be your end-to-end solution.

Seamless Integration

Easily interfaces with your existing EMR.

Exceptional Support

Customer service is available 24/7.

Transcription Solution – Your Platform

Working together for accurate, timely reports

Mediscribes offers transcription solutions on your existing platform. Our team is experienced in working in various transcription platforms like:

  • eScription™
  • Fluency™
  • Emdat, and
  • many more, including offline and manual transcriptions as well as VR-enabled editing.

Our certified transcriptionists are available to assist your organization for critical and immediate needs, or to offer expertise to improve your existing transcription workflow.

Staffing Services

Certified transcriptions work on your existing platform.

Highly Skilled Talent

Experienced in all transcription models.

Learn From Us

Let our expertise improve your existing workflow.

Seasonal Needs

On-demand medical transcription services

Mediscribes offers cost-saving services on an as-needed basis to accommodate clients’ variable workloads. Our certified transcriptionists stand ready to assist you when the need arises. Our support team is available 24/7/365 to respond to your unforeseen needs so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our customer-centric support staff will provide an immediate response to your inquiry.

On-Demand Transcription

Transcription services when you need help with workload or a special project.

Easily Accessible

Make a request for assistance 24/7/365.

Save Money

Enjoy cost savings using our on-demand service.

Ready to discover how our medical transcriptions services can improve your workflow while saving your organization money?