Community Hospitals

We partner with Community and Rural Hospitals to reduce transcription costs and improve the quality of their medical documentation.

North Ottawa Community Hospital

Mediscribes has consistently delivered and met all bench-marked service levels. Quality and TAT are no longer an issue at NOCH and Mediscribes has provided considerable cost savings to facility.

Auburn Community Hospital

Our transcription and service quality replaced M*Modal at Auburn Community Hospital. With our fixed cost and quick TAT, Mediscribes helped increase ROI.

Adirondack Medical Center

Mediscribes quality transcription services replaced Adirondack Medical Centers in-house MT. The services such as fixed cost, quick TAT, customer service, etc. helped boost their ROI.

Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

The quality transcription services provided by Mediscribes, helped transform and increase the ROI for Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.

Miami Jewish Health Systems

Mediscribes quality and transcription services replaced M*Modal at Miami Jewish Health Systems. Our proactive customer service and fixed cost helped boost their investments.

Crenshaw Community Hospital

Our partnership with Crenshaw Community Hospital, for their transcription needs, transformed their ROI with our impeccable customer service, quick TAT and fixed cost.