Why Mediscribes with SayItTM?

Mediscribes with SayIt works on most applications, platforms and devices. You can easily use Speech Recognition on any form/text area. Wherever you need to input medical text with high accuracy, SR can easily speed up your work so that you don't spend time documenting.

Providers: Cut charting time by 25% or more

Mediscribes with SayIt gives providers time back in their often-hectic day through quick and accurate speech to text, transcription on demand and EHR insertion services. With Mediscribes and SayIt, clinical documentation no longer needs to consume physician day!

Management: See ROI in a matter of months!

Mediscribes and SayIt saves both time and overhead for organizations through affordable pricing and unparalleled speed of implementation. If you are overwhelmed by the cost and complexity of other speech recognition solutions, Mediscribes is your answer.

Transcription on Demand

Mediscribes is the leading medical transcription services provider in the United States. Combine our transcription service with our Speech-to-text to get the most out of our platform.

EHR Insertion

Mediscribes gives even more freedom. Along with transcription, have the report directly sent to EHR.

You have a choice and Mediscribes is the Right choice:

Simple to learn and use.

HIPAA and PCI-DSS Compliant.

3 - 4x faster than typing with fewer errors.

Comes with a free Wireless Mic app!

Improved consistency of documentation.

Always accessible, on the cloud.

Flexible, low cost subscription pricing.

Works for both PC and Mac.

Supports all major medical specialties.

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