Case Studies

CVPH cuts transcription cost in half while improving TAT and Quality

The partnership with Mediscribes and NOCH has been a very positive experience. Quality and TAT are always exceeded. Customer support is excellent.

Cost-containment and stellar service affirm Mediscribes as the right choice at Rideout Health!

With Mediscribes, MOHC estimates it is saving approximately $50,000 a year on transcription.

Mediscribes has saved TDHC over 15% in transcription costs through workflow efficiency, decreased costs, and transparent billing.

Mediscribes was successful in assisting MCC by providing a cost-effective, comprehensive transcription solution.

OHVC’s partnership with Mediscribes has resulted in a cost-effective outsourcing solution, excellent customer service, and timely receipt of highly accurate transcribed reports, all accomplished through a seamless transition.

ETHC now enjoys the benefits of an automated workflow with real-time faxing and location-specific printing of transcribed documents


ezMediscribes delivers guaranteed Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and accuracy while ensuring seamless transition. We provide unique fixed cost model and capabilities to leverage your transcription data to positively impact your clinical documentation.

Mediscribes is a Nuance trained company with extensive experience with eScription™. Our Solution includes all eScription™ editing-administrative set up and management of the entire workflow.