A person with a leadership mindset (with or without a title) always loves solving challenges. We love to solve significant challenges in difficult situations.

This one key differentiator that will help you and your team succeed.

Critical Thinking

We expect all employees to identify and analyze problems in order to solve complex problems for customers. Employees are given the freedom to stretch their own abilities in challenging business situations, and we support employees’ ideas to develop and implement solutions. Such experiences enhance one’s confidence and ability to handle any challenges successfully.

Job-related Knowledge

We nurture people who strengthen and broaden our overall business capabilities.We expect people to be masters of their domain, but at the same time can synergize with rest of the team.

We provide on-the-job-training to ensure our employees have the knowledge and experience to fulfill their responsibilities.

Hands-on and Flexible

At Mediscribes, we are very agile and move fast. Change is the constant factor.

Products evolve, new opportunities are identified frequently, and we want to make sure our employees welcome the change, become hands-on and perform beyond expectations.